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At The Face Planner, we are proud to use our hand-harvested and cold-pressed olive oil in all of our products. Full of antioxidants, olive oil is an ancient skincare ingredient full of skin-worthy nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.


Why is olive oil beneficial for the skin?

Extra virgin olive oil is a gentle, natural and effective ingredient that helps to remove impurities and support your skin's natural lipid barrier. The fatty acids in our extra virgin olive oil helps to leave your skin radiant and soft and acts as a natural humectant to help your skin attract and retain moisture. Olive oil is gentle and works for all skin types; in fact, oily skin is often dehydrated and overcompensates for it's lack of moisture by producing more oil. 


Why do you use olive oil leaves in your formulations?

The leaves from the olive tree contain a powerful amount of antioxidants (polyphenols) which are useful for protecting your skin against free radicals. The antioxidant levels in the olive leaves are ten times higher than green tea. Antioxidants are your gateway to plumper looking skin; your skin cells need antioxidants to function and protect against free radicals in our everyday environments. By protecting against free radicals, you'll notice less damage such as sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. 


Can ingesting olive oil help your skin too?

Yes! By taking a daily shot of high quality extra virgin olive oil, your body is encouraged to open up new pathways to absorb skin-healthy essential fats and acids. When taken on an empty stomach in the morning, olive oil helps to better promote nutrient absorption. A daily shot will also help to support a healthy gut. By supporting your body's microbiome, you are in turn supporting the quality of your skin. 


What products from The Face Planner include olive oil?

Olive oil from The Frantoio, our brand home, can be found at varying levels across all of our products. We consider it to be our 'green gold' and star ingredient of our skincare. The lab and dermatologist that we work with have determined the most beneficial percentage of olive oil to be used in each of our products.