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Make 2024 The Year of The Skincare Ritual

Daily meditation, five gym classes a week, just one coffee a day, there’s no end to the promises we make to ourselves at the start of each year. In fact, according to a YouGov survey one in seven of us makes a new year's resolution. But, while the intention is there, the will to succeed often isn’t. Most of us don’t even last a month living out our new year new you lives: research carried out by running app Strava found that the 19th of January is the official day that most resolutions are broken. 

How then, can we set resolutions that we actually stick to? The answer, according to neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart lies in not implementing a resolution at all. Instead, science has found that participating in rituals is the key to implementing long term habits and edging closer to your goals.  “A ritual, unlike a routine, is performed mindfully and with intent,” says Swart. So what? Well, the Journal of Positive Psychology has found that “ritualising everyday activities increases mindfulness, helping us stay present and enjoy the current moment,” explains Swart, and  “this can lower stress and even increase feelings of self-worth and purpose.” 

When setting your goals, the experts recommend taking the SMART approach, this means creating goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and with a Timeline. The best way to achieve these goals is to take small steps that over time will inch you closer to your bigger vision. For example, if your goal is to be playing an active part in your grandchildren’s lives in ten years time then you may recognise that you need to become more active in order to do this, so the goal you set today will be to increase your fitness levels by doing something like aiming to lose six lbs in six months. The key is to set things that are specific, measurable, achievable and relevant to your vision of the future”. Instead of adding something new into your routine, it makes sense to tweak an existing routine, that way you’ll be more likely to keep it up and the results will be greater. 

But back to rituals. Set aside notions of pagan ceremonies and manifestation boards, rituals are simply daily habits or things that we do on autopilot, “your morning coffee” offers Swart. And, skincare. Ah yes, the ritualization of skincare is something we feel very deeply about here at The Face Planner. In fact we like to think of our six skincare plans as the rituals that will inch you towards your skin goals. That was the very reason that Rosalind, a London based photographer, began using our products: “I loved the idea of how the six step skin program was created to help ensure you had beautiful glowing skin on your wedding day.” Getting that wedding day glow is a skincare goal shared by many, including Jess, a graphic designer who was drawn to the brand because “the whole ritual of it meant I could consistently use it in the lead up to my big day.” Skincare rituals last long past saying I do, though. “It’s become a really important part of my day,” says Jess. And, for Arianna, 27, a solid skincare ritual has meant that she’s found calm amongst the chaos. “I used a lot of products inconsistently.  With The Face Planner I started to really enjoy my morning and evening skincare routine, it’s such a pampering experience and now I use a few specific products, consistently.” The scientists would be proud.


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