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How To Beat Hangover Face

Party season calls for glowing skin, sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks. But dazzling on dancefloors can really take its toll - especially on your face. Late nights mainlining mince pies washed down with buckets of fizz mean come January you’re likely to be looking more ghastly than glowing. Yes, for every party face you create there’s a hungover face to deal with. How then to combat the inevitable booze fuelled breakouts, party puff and eyebags that give Santa’s sack a run for its money? With serious skincare, at-home facials and some nifty DIY sculpting.

We all know that the festive period is fun but frazzling. An at-home facial might sound indulgent but it’s actually a pro approved way of destressing. Studies show that regular touch helps to bring us out of the fight or flight mode that many of us are permanently suspended in. Stress levels through the roof? Ear massage in particular is thought to help people drop into a deep state of relaxation. We don’t need telling twice. 

Bring a sensorial element to the otherwise boring task of cleansing and turn obligatory makeup removal into a me-time moment. How? Take the time to massage the niacinamide (good for restoring radiance to dull complexions) rich The Cleanser, £38 into skin to remove makeup, grim and the day’s stresses too. 

Next, mask the effects of the night before with a, well, mask. When skin fatigue truly sets in, a complexion reboot is in order.  As its name suggests, The Revitaliser, £72, does just that. Heavy on anti-inflammatory (read: brightening) ingredients such as Italian clay, rice oil and burdock root, this weekly mask peps up decidedly unperky faces in just fifteen minutes.


On days when your skincare just isn’t enough to fight a fatigued festive face it’s time to bring in the big guns. Cold rollers are brilliant for facial massage, they help to increase circulation, de-puff and aid lymphatic drainage - and they feel delightful on snoozy skin. Victims of post party puff (swollen eyes, absent cheekbones) should reach for face rollers or cryo globes. Keep them in the fridge and glide over the face - pre-skincare application - for instant inflammation relief and fluid break down. Sign us up.

Lastly, get sculpting. The most effective gua sha tools are weighty since they will provide more pressure to perform contouring magic. Zamac is naturally cooling and a favourite amongst facialists. Once you’ve finished your skincare routine run the gua sha along the contours of your face to stimulate blood flow and bring cheekbones out of hibernation.  Easy to use, impressive results - it’s win win. The only thing left to do? Pour another glass of mulled wine.